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Welcome to Milan’s Gallery, the biggest online retailer of high-quality made double sink vanities. Buying doubt sink vanity online is something new to many homeowners and renovators alike. At Milan’s Gallery, our professional team strives to make this process easier for beloved clients by keeping faithful to our missions as well as building trust over the net.

Our mission is to provide superior, competitively priced products to individual and households as well as builders looking for a wide selection which can be customized to meet their requirements.  Customers should look forward to a simple, reliable as well as informative experience when interacting with our company.

Double Sink Vanities to Meet Your Needs

If your home requires two sinks and extra storage space, one essential fixture that can do good to your needs is a double sink vanity. Traditionally, a vanity has a sink basin supported by a wooden cabinet and a stone counter, but if more than three people live in your home, a double sink vanity is often more economical for use and time spent in the bathroom as well. Our double sink vanities are available in both traditional and contemporary designs; some comes with wood cabinets, porcelain basins as well as a longer stone cabinet top.

Why Choose Double Sink Vanities?

A lot of modern households are choosing double sink vanity in the bathroom. While some families or home might come with double vanity bathroom already, others are refurbishing so they can gain from the double vanity bathroom. There are many good reasons why you should opt for double sink vanity, and here they are:

  • Bigger Space For Your Room

Space is one essential factor why many homeowners opt for double sink vanity aside from the huge amount of counter space.  The main perks, however, is putting in two sinks to your bathroom instead of one. As many households may have two kids and two adults who need to get ready in the morning. Having double sink vanity means less waiting time to shave, brush teeth as well as do other morning grooming. What is more, while less time is spent inside the bathroom everyone’s morning needs, which include hair dryers, razors as well as brushes, will be in one place.

  • Less Time To Install Your Double Sink

Installing double sink vanity saves you time. If you just have one bathroom or two, but have a big household where one is always occupied, having two sinks installed means you do not need to wait for other members of the family to finish getting ready before you can get inside and brush, shave or do no matter what you need to do to prepared for the day.

  • Peace-of-mind 

Regardless of how much you love your partner, sharing an undersized storage space or sink can be tiring. Someone feels like they’re coming up short, installing double vanity sink, each one has all the room they need inside the bathroom, and each one is happy. There is no fighting over counter space or sink time; it is a level of harmony which is worth any price.

We Help you Choose the Best Double Sink Vanity

When choosing a double sink vanity, two basic models are available. Storage space is essential for all kinds of vanities, and double sink vanities provide you two choices. For one, the wide space under both sinks is storage for all stuff, which includes towels, cleaning supplies, linens and any toiletries. This space can be shared by all using this vanity. The other option is two smaller storage compartments under each sink. These hold the same stuff but, if individualized space is required, they can divide up any stuff like cleaning supplies for on compartment and towels and linens in the other.

  • Height 

To pick an exact height for your double sink vanity, think of the persons who will be using it. This is because double sink vanities are typically utilized in family bathrooms, kids and couples may use it to ensure the vanity isn’t positioned too high or too low.

  • Big or Small Vanity

To exactly decide how small or big your bathroom needs or how much storage it requires to integrate it is designs, you have to assess your lifestyle. So, like for instance, if you have children or if you have many things, usually you keep inside the bathroom, consider a big unit. If you are on the go and do not need lots of storages, a style like this must work.

  • Size

The amount of storage required also impact its size. Therefore, the fact that you want double sink vanity rather than one isn’t the most vital factor about the overall dimension. What matters is the space under the counter.

Reasons Why Double Sink Vanity Needs to Be Made of Superior or Quality Materials

Know what the best material is for your double sink vanity through the help of vanity experts at Milan’s Gallery. Picking the right material is a long term choice. After all, a usual vanity will be set up for twenty years.

We have seen many diverse materials in the bathroom, and most of them were extremely under par. A lot of people think that price the sole thing to look at, however, this is the way to take. Consider the money you will spend once you end up replacing you substandard vanity once the frame wraps.

  • Humidity and moisture can wreak destruction on a substandard vanity that is made of particle board. This condition can lead to warping, cracking as well as discoloring of the vanity in due course.
  • Vanities should be tough enough to support the weight of the heavy countertop. Low-quality materials will result in drooping and sagging in the middle of your double sink vanity wherein the basin and countertop are the heaviest. In due course, sagging will worsen.  It will not collapse but will result in cracks.

We Offer Double Sink Vanity Made of Different Materials

  • Solid Wood

The most excellent material for a vanity if the price is not a problem is solid wood. It is the toughest and most durable material. A solid oak vanity is the strongest materials and nothing compared to the abilities of good Mother Nature. We, at Milan’s Gallery, provide a line of double sink vanity made of solid oak.

  • Rubberwood

Aside from being tough like oak, rubberwood is also eco-friendly.

  • MDF

This is an economical option for people who are looking for a cheap by durable double sink vanity. Vanities of MDF are about 30 percent of the superiority of oak. But, it takes many years when you follow proper care.

Where to Find High-Quality Double Sink Vanities

We are the leading source of high-quality double sink vanities. In business for decades now, our bathroom vanity specialists are knowledgeable, skilled as well as more than willing to help you choose the right vanity for your bathroom.

For decades, we have been making kitchen and bathroom dreams a reality. We believe if you build it- a stunning product along with quality customer service, then they will come. The exponential growth of our company is attributed to just that. As one of the best provider of bathroom accessories online, we are looking forward to serving our clients for many more decades.

  • Save Time

Buying double sink vanity online is easier than ever, and our professional team makes it painless and safe. We have gone the extra mile in safety to make sure the safest shopping experience possible.

  • Skills and Expertise Elevate Experience.

We know that for some, buying double sink vanity is their first endeavor, so we are here ready to lend a hand to make the process easier. From free 3D designs and itemized quotes allows you to have peace of mind when ordering products from us, our staff helps you build your dream and bathroom. It is that easy.

  • Reasonable but Quality

We at Milan’s Gallery strive to make renovations competitive for all- that is why we offer price assurance that not just matches the price of our competitors but beats it as well. We are committed to providing the best pricing accessible for our clients. You can keep in touch with us to know how you can save a lot from your purchase.

  • Price Match Guarantee

At Milan’s Gallery, we not just provide high-quality double sink vanities, but we also keep in mind on your savings. In case you find a lower marketed price on an equivalent quality item, call us we will beat it by offering a huge discount. We are dedicated to providing the best pricing available for our beloved customers.

Do You Need Help with Double Sink Vanity in Los Angeles?

As always, if you need assistance choosing the right double sink vanities for your needs, call us our professional staff is happy to provide support. We offer free expert advice, itemized quotes, design renderings as well as custom single and double sink vanities made to fit your space.

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